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Breakout sessions

Post-modern Countries with dominate religion Countries who have restricted acesss Post-Modern Session Paul Trementozi Regional Director, Europe We don’t really talk about post modern anymore we talk about secularism. What we’re doing here through international churches, we’re doing well. But…

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Tuesday Overview

GICN May 25, 2015 Tuesday Tuesday Overview Dave Kenney opened the morning with a review of the day’s activities which include a message delivered by Leroy Cloud, former pastor of ICA Hong Kong; breakout groups divided into those whose churches…

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International Church Spotlight: Jakarta

Basic Facts Church Name: International English Service (IES) Location: Jakarta, Indonesia Pastor: Dave Kenney Launch Date: 2000 Website: Pastor’s Story: “Before serving in Indonesia, I served in Fiji, the Marshall Islands, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. I’ve served in…

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International Church Spotlight: Surabaya

Basic Facts Church Name: International Christian Assembly Surabaya Location: Surabaya, Indonesia Launch Date: Late 1990’s Pastor: John W. Taylor Church Website: Pastor’s Story: “I served ICA Surabaya initially as the young adults pastor, then branch campus pastor, and have…

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